12 oz Bio cup, lined with BioPBS


The unique shape of the Bio Cup allows the edges to become a lid and the drinking opening is formed by the cup itself. The concave form also allows for more comfortable drinking for the customer.


Only available in WHITE. 


Bio Cup 12 Oz (1000 units) - Ditch the lids & straws!

C$220.00 Regular Price
C$198.00Sale Price
  • *No need for straws & lids, Save storage space and cost.

    * 100% Compostable and Recyclable (find compostable and recycling symbol)
    * The lining inside the cup, BioPBS are compostable at ambient temperature and biodegrade naturally in the soil into biomass, carbon dioxide and water, leaving zero negative impact on the environment.
    *Inner flap that prevents splash and spills
    *Use for both hot and cold drinks


    Please note that this item will need to be pre-ordered. It will arrive in mid December. 


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