Disposable Bamboo Fiber Straws

210mm x 8mm - good for smoothies, juice,coffee, and tea!

1000 straws per box.

Bamboo is natural and durable.

It’s also one of the most renewable sources on the planet. 


Compostable plastic (PLA) and other materials (such as sugar cane straws) need to be heated up to 140°F to start breaking down. Bamboo fiber on the other hand will degrade on its own over a period of time through the action of naturally occurring microorganisms (such as bacteria and fungi). It’s 100% non-toxic. And 100% Earth Friendly.


It will not fall apart easily. Thick and robust, does not disintegrate and does not melt in hot liquid. From straw to packaging, our paper straws are of high quality and not packed in plastic.


Bamboo Fiber Straws, Individually Paper Wrapped - Biodegradable



    The Teaspoons story begins in 2016 when the Yim family started a bubble tea shop—by the name of Passion Tearoom—to share their love for bubble tea, fresh ingredients, and sustainability. When the pandemic spiked in early 2020, Passion introduced sister company Teaspoons & Co., which operated under an innovative new business model to sell bubble tea kits so customers could indulge in bubble tea from the comfort of their own home. 

    As Passion’s subsidiary Teaspoons & Co. grew in popularity, the two brands eventually merged in summer of 2020, operating solely under “Teaspoons & Co.”


    Despite the few changes following our rebranding, we continue to exhibit our same love for quality ingredients, irresistible snacks, and community. We have also remained passionate about sustainability, and we constantly make strides to revolutionize sustainable business models to produce a cleaner, environmentally-friendly future for all.