☑Eliminate the use of plastic lids and straws.

☑ No environmental impact when thrown in a landfill. 

The unique shape of the Bio Cup allows the edges to become a lid and the drinking opening is formed by the cup itself. The concave form also allows for more comfortable drinking for the customer. Save cost by not having to purchase plastic lids and straws! 

Lined with BIOPBS™ , this cup is compostable in a commercial compost facility.

What is BioPBS™?

-BioPBS™ is a combination of both bio-based plastic and compostable bioplastic. 

- Derived from natural resources, such as sugarcane, cassava and corn, BioPBS™ decomposes into biomass, carbon dioxide and water in ambient condition (30 °C). Products made from BioPBS™ can be disposed of along with organic waste. Even if this cup ends up in a landfill, the cup will compost without requiring a composting facility. So, BioPBS™ is truly environmentally-friendly plastic for green products.

 What's the difference between BIOPBS™ and PLA plastic?

-BioPBS has a fast degradability among biodegradable polymers Ambient compostable.

  • BioPBS is naturally compostable at 30°C (86°F) to H2O, CO2, and biomass without a composting facility. This product does its job and takes care of itself. 

  • A study showed that BioPBS took 180 days to fully biodegrade. Whereas PLA plastic will take over 20 years.

-PLA plastic will not compost unless it is processed through a composting facility. Within that facility it takes 1-3 months and requires moisture and heat over 140F.

  • In a landfill, PLA breaks down anaerobically to release methane, a greenhouse gas that is about 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide

  • In a recycling facility, Most PLA plastics get thrown out because it can contaminate the other plastics


What's the difference between BIOPBS™ cups and ISLA cups?

-BioPBS CAN'T be thrown into a recycling bin. In order to properly separate the lining from the paper, it must be processed in a commercial compost facility. 

-Unlike ISLA that is only for hot drinks, BIOPBS cups can be used for cold and hot beverages.


SIZES: 12oz, 16oz, 22oz